Brand transformation for NZB as it targets ambitious growth strategy


Brand transformation for NZB as it targets ambitious growth strategy

Net Zero Buildings (NZB) has launched our redefined brand which better reflects the business and its ethos and underpins an ambitious new growth strategy.

After being acquired by Premier Group in 2021, it was the right time to rediscover our roots, with a new look, new approach and new found focus of how we can make a difference in the fight against carbon emissions.

With the industry awash with misrepresentation around net zero carbon, and with a lack of data available, we wanted to ensure we cut through the greenwash to better serve our clients in their journey to achieving net zero energy.

We’re starting how we mean to go on
By rediscovering NZB and understanding what we want to achieve, along with how we get there, we’ve been able to transform both the business and the brand to offer a clear route to a green future and inspire real change in the way buildings are operated, achieving net zero carbon energy.

We are focused on growing market share and securing new projects within the education, healthcare, retail and commercial sectors, underpinned by a fantastic new brand identity that better reflects our business, our team and our ethos.

Working with the best
NZB benefits from a huge amount of insight and knowledge in meeting and exceeding sustainability standards and we strive to work with the best in the business to continually do more for our future generations.

AESG consultants are working in partnership with NZB ensuring a true net zero energy approach is provided to guide our customers to net zero in operation.

Dan Allison, Director of NZB said:

We’re really excited about our new brand and approach and look forward to guiding our clients in navigating the path to a net zero energy solution, while inspiring future generations.

Net Zero Buildings benefits from a huge amount of expertise in delivering high energy-efficient buildings – particularly in achieving zero carbon in operation – and we look forward to supporting our customers to design and deliver buildings that are functional, efficient and fit for the future.

True Zero Carbon is a journey
Achieving net zero means tackling both embodied carbon and operational carbon, as well as evaluating our own carbon impact as a business.

It’s a long, challenging journey that’s incredibly complex and we’re here to guide our clients with the best team and insights to achieve their net zero carbon goals.

Next steps
We still have a lot to do for our rebrand, including a brand new website which we hope to launch Autumn 2022

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