Net Zero Panels offers a high performing & compliant panel solution

Why Main Contractors are choosing our
panelised solutions for their projects…

Flexible Building Components

We understand that one size doesn’t always fit all, that’s why we offer an unrivalled approach to offering interchangeable building components such as a range of roof cassettes, floor cassettes and internal wall build-ups.

Range of Substrates

Depending on your project drivers and needs from the performance of the building you can choose which substrate suits the need best, from timber to steel or a mixture of the two.

Take Control

Our panels have been developed from years in the industry and by our team of experts so that we can act as the integrator and offer a solution that puts you in the driving seat with the added benefit of our expertise and lessons learnt.

High Performance

With a fabric lead approach around fire, acoustic, airtightness, thermal and structural performance our panels are the highest performing in all the areas you require.

Lowest Embodied Carbon

Our structural, closed panel timber system offers the lowest embodied carbon credentials whilst still maintaining high performance throughout.

Reduced Environmental Impact

The Environmental Product Declarations, of our boards and the impact on global warming, our solutions performed better in tests against 21 other fire boards showing our product has the lowest impact on the environment.