Frequently asked
questions about Net Zero

Our approach is to always design your projects to achieve Net Zero in operation, however, budget constraints of the client and their drivers may not always allow for a full net zero in operation project at the time. However, we believe that being carbon conscious and making the best decisions you can with informed choices is the first step to achieving a sustainable future.

During design phase - A computation model is created by inputting all the carbon considerations so that we can then run the simulation of the buildings use to see what the energy demands are.

During construction phase - Teams of independent commissioners will come and assess the construction is being done to plan.

During operational phase - Metering, reporting and monitoring – Takes at least a year to report properly. It allows us to see how the building is performing, are there any areas for improvements etc.

At NZB we design, build and deliver new spaces and schemes so all of the lean, clean and green technologies are designed-in during the design phase. However, that’s not to say that you wouldn’t be able to find a provider to retrofit these technologies.

In short. Yes we do. Our team of experts ensure that we use every strategy possible to decarbonise your project in the best way, starting with the design we look as passive strategies, building fabric and then incorporating lean, clean & green technologies to maximise building efficiency.

Our Net Zero in operation solution is primarily the Volumetric modular construction system, however, we can construct using other systems such as Structural or closed panels or even use a hybrid approach. As every project is different and required to meet differing drivers, whether it be speed, carbon reduction, costs, performance factors etc, volumetric may not always be the best solution for the project need but this is always discussed and evaluated from the outset.

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