Protecting the next generation from harmful pollutants


Protecting the next generation from harmful pollutants

Over 40% of CO2 emissions are now caused by transportation and just over 40% are due to the built environment. With cars making the transition, why not buildings too? We are leading the way in providing efficient school environments; having designed and delivered over 70 schemes across the UK. Our mission is to make every school a part of the Net Zero Buildings community and protect the next generation from harmful pollutants.

What is a net zero building?

A net zero building is defined as ‘a structure that consumes less energy than it generates.’ We have developed the technology, the design principles and the off-site construction techniques to create intelligent net zero, carbon buildings. Therefore, these buildings are able to achieve the highest EPC Asset Rating (A+).

How do our buildings filter out harmful pollutants?

Here in the UK, 1 in 11 children are now receiving treatment for asthma, which makes up some of the highest asthma-related statistics in Europe. Our Schoolhaus® buildings are constructed with a Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR) system, this state of the art technology allows air to be filtered before being brought in to the actual building. Extracting these harmful pollutants could help to reduce the number of related illnesses in children. With their susceptibility increased, shouldn’t we be doing more to ensure our future population is protected in the best way possible?

Introducing this technology into your school also reduces the running cost of the building, as heat is removed from the stale air before it is expelled; this is then used to pre-warm the fresh air as it is supplied. The MVHR heat exchange plates are able to recover and recycle over 90% of the heat in the building, providing clean, renewable energy to your school in a cost efficient way.

How is Net Zero Buildings different to other energy efficient building companies?

The Schoolhaus design has been created to tackle the increasing energy deficiency problems and are now the UK’s most energy efficient school buildings. These are air tight and include the MVHR technology as standard, so become a safe haven from harmful pollutants. We don’t just supply a building, we believe in helping schools run more energy efficient buildings, save money and educate our future generations as to how they can stay healthy. Kids are now learning how to stay active, with the Government’s Daily Mile and studies from Persil show that on average children spend less time outdoors than a maximum-security prisoner. We need to ensure that the next generation start learning about preserving their environment and understand the damage pollutants can cause.

To us, protecting the next generation from harmful pollutants should be part of the everyday education of children. With the introduction of a Schoolhaus building, pupils can see the benefits of looking after the environment by learning about solar panels, air filtration systems as well as the use of recycled materials. Following in the footsteps of their education institution is a great way to instil the importance of taking better care of our environment. Our Schoolhaus designs have been created to tackle this problem and are now the UK’s most energy efficient school buildings.

If would like to discuss how a Schoolhaus building could help your students, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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