New funding options make new school buildings a reality


New funding options make new school buildings a reality

The need to replace dilapidated and disused school buildings will always be a hurdle for schools to overcome; with NetZero Buildings, the capital build price and running costs are both lower than a traditionally built alternative. All of our new buildings are designed to meet the ESFA’s Output Specification with additional benefits that far out-weigh the costs, including solar panels and air filtration systems that provide a safe and zero carbon emission building for the future generation of students.

Funding a new school development with NetZero Buildings

We are able to fully fund the build, or alternatively schools can use some capital as well as part fund the building through various funding schemes. We offer a range of ESFA compliant funding packages, which unlike others allow schools to spread the payments over a longer period; as much as 20 years – ideal for those with a limited income.

Chief Financial Officer, Osman Yousef, says: “our buildings statistics are very compelling in comparison to what schools would currently be paying to maintain outdated buildings, and these figures have been validated by leading independent consultants.”

What are the financial benefits of partnering with Net Zero Buildings?

Our buildings generate income, with owners reporting that the energy produced from the building has been enough to cover other costs within the school too. As our buildings generate approximately 5 times more energy than they consume, schools are making huge savings on their utility bills through the excess generation that can be used in other parts of the school.

Building a brighter future

We deliver our schemes using modern methods of construction that allow us to minimise disruption on-site and build to rapid time scales. Our off-site construction processes are efficient and conducted in a controlled factory environment, which enables us to drive down costs and price competitively.

The schools developed by Net Zero Buildings are not only the most energy efficient buildings in the UK, they are affordable and deliverable across the UK. With our funding options and ultimately the ability for schools to offset funding costs against pupil intake and energy production, this means there is very little reason not to invest in the future of school construction.

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