CIF school building funding application help


CIF school building funding application help

Planning a new 6thform or expansion building? How about replacing old buildings no longer fit for purpose? Crucial to any school’s budget is ensuring you apply for the Condition Improvement Fund (CIF).

How long does it take to apply?

The anticipated December due date for funding applications is rapidly approaching. Whether you are working with your own bid consultant or writing it yourself, did you know there is a dedicated team at NetZero Buildings to help with yourCIF funding application?  We’ve worked with many different school groups to create bespoke and successful bids to secure funding.

Free site survey

To get the maximum grant available your bid needs to fit the government criteria for Academies, small Multi-Academy Trusts and 6thform colleges or other special expansion projects. We provide a free site survey, design and price for your CIF submission. We are able to advise you about separate or part-funded options, which, in the right circumstances, can strengthen your application.

Benefits of an energy efficient building

If you are dipping into capital budgets or legacy gifts to part-fund your new build or replace existing buildings, consider off-setting future expenditure against energy costs. A net zero building effectively neutralises these costs, in fact in many instances it is a revenue generating building.

Solar panels help power our buildings, giving an eco-friendly, futuristic appearance that students love. The interiors allow open spaces to be used in a variety of ways, including accommodating computer suites. Helping schools find new and innovative ways of delivering education to their communities is an appealing aspect of our work with CIF bids.

At one of our recent builds in Biddenham, teachers and students were amazed at the perfect temperature within the building, being not too hot or too cold. With body heat used to control temperature, and clean air vents circulating fresh air within, the smell of the building is much fresher than conventional school buildings. The students loved the space, the high ceilings and the different teaching styles going on in their new building.

Additionally, the new net zero building supplies 32% of the entire school’s electricity, meaning at Biddenham, they don’t use as much electricity from the National Grid as they used to. This unexpected extra saving (exceeding more than net zero), means the school has more to spend on education. With funding tighter than ever, this aspect alone makes one of our builds an appealing design option for your CIF bid.

For a discussion about how we can help you design your bid and evaluate the merits and cost benefits of partnering with Net Zero Buildings , please get in touch with us today.

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