Guiding you to achieve
net zero energy in operation & beyond

What we do

We create sustainable new spaces that reduce the impact of construction on our environment.

Our offsite solutions…

Whether you need a volumetric solution or a panelised system, you can be sure we have the expertise to deliver the right solution to meet your project drivers and achieve net zero in operation and beyond.

Each in their very nature offer a wide range of different benefits, all with sustainability at the heart including, high building performance throughout its lifecycle, minimal waste to landfill, reduced on-site activities and fewer vehicle movements to name a few.


Certainty of cost & programme

You’ll always know where you are with a precision-engineered solution. On-time and on budget every step of the way.


Rapid construction

The speed at which we can deliver your new net zero spaces, not only allows you to move in sooner but also reduces the impact we have in your community and on the local environment.


Zero waste design

With lean construction methods, waste can virtually be designed out due to precision engineering in a factory environment.


Low operating costs

Designing with carbon in mind, coupled with our lean, clean and green ethos, you can be sure the operational costs of your building will be as minimal as they can be, if not Zero or even earning you money!


Wider health benefits

As precision engineering takes centre stage, along with a greater understanding of our carbon impact we create high-quality, engaging environments with greater air quality, reduced noise and improved access to daylight.


Lead the way!

Choosing NZB gives you peace of mind that you’re doing the right thing. You’re being kinder to the environment and making choices that will benefit the next generations to come.

Sectors we serve


The decisions we make today lay the foundations of tomorrow, so let’s make sure we get them right…


Understanding your vision

The first and most crucial step in the process is to understand your vision for the building, its purpose, and requirements, both in the short term and long into the future.



Explore your options with NZB’s expert designers and engineers with a range of options, including optimising through building orientation, passive design strategies and building fabric.


Lean, clean & green

Incorporating lean, clean and green technologies forms an essential part of any Net Zero Buildings project and shapes the decisions we make throughout the project.



We’re experienced and highly accredited

Since launching in 2013 we’ve delivered over 35,000m² of low and net zero in operation new buildings using varied offsite construction methods across multiple sectors, delivering more than 100 new build projects with minimal energy demands.

Trusted to deliver sustainable spaces that speak to the heart of a greater drive to do more, time and time again.